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Kraftformer Program

ECKOLD Technology means precise and chipless cold forming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles with minimum noise.   The same machine is used for bending profiles and forming sheet metal, for making new parts as well as for repairs and the precise correcting of parts.  This intelligent technology is unique throughout the world.


Eckold AG is the long time professional specialists of chipless cold forming of sheet metal, tubes and profile sections.  Customers in over one hundred countries worldwide, including professionals in the automotive, aircraft, ship/boat, railway and sheet metal working industry have found, since 1936, that Eckold AG and sheet metal are synonymous.


Klassic Tool Crib and Eckold AG have combined to provide customers unmatched customer support and provide innovative solutions for their sometimes demanding metal working problems.  Regardless of whether you need a tailor made or custom solution, Eckold AG offers a wide range of standard and customized tooling.  Finding answers, designing and building perfect solutions - let us lend our expertise to help you succeed.


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